Greek Varietals


Kalamata (500ml, 3L tin, 10L bag in box)


Kalamata is made using only the best organic Kalamata olives. With a sweet floral and strawberry nose, mixed with sweet apple and pear flavours,

Kalamata produces a surprisingly peppery finish. Perfect for stewing vegetables such as green beans, tomatoes and squash, or with seafood, in particular a Greek Fisherman’s Stew with mussels and garlic crostini.

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Koroneiki (500ml)


Superbly balanced, with an abundance of character, Koroneiki is a robust and aromatic oil. Celebrated the world over as the most premium of cultivars, this difficult to grow variety is Super Premium of superior quality.

With an assertive floral note it lingers to an intensely fruity and peppery finish. Koroneiki is a versatile oil, ideal for serving with salads, pastry, roast meat and vegetables. Pairs great with Greek feta cheese salad, grilled lamb and salmon.

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